(1-Pack) 10x7x7-Inch Large Unfinished Wooden Box with Hinged Lid & Front Clasp for DIY Art Project Crafts Woodcraft Keepsake - Easy to Stain Paint Wood Burning

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Brand: VIKOS Products


  • Spacious yet lightweight, this wooden box is perfect for your storage and craft needs. This is the perfect size box for jewelry storage, DIY and craft projects, and as a gift box
  • With durable hinges and retro front clasps - The hinges are durable, appropriately sized for the lid, and can hold the lid flat when opened. The clasp provides a secure seal without it being tedious to open
  • Made of high-quality pine - The smell of pine is unmistakable! It has the rustic appeal of high-quality wood that is smooth, free of knots and is splinter-free
  • Smooth paintable surface - There's no need for tedious prep work! Let your creativity shine through with this smooth, unfinished pine wood surface that easily accepts different types of paint, coloring materials, and glue
  • This surface is also perfect for engraving and small pyrography projects

model number: 1

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