100pcs ECO6 Wicks for Soy Candles, 8 inch Pre-Waxed Candle Wick for Candle Making,Thick Candle Wick with Base

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Brand: GSXRB

Color: Not


  • Product: It is pre-waxed with a metal base, 100 PCS/ 6 inches long and 3 mm thick, suitable for 2-3 inch candle jars
  • Material characteristics: The natural candle wick is woven from cotton and paper. It burns more fully than a cotton wick, and the flame is more stable than a wooden candle wick. Soy candle wick that is not easy to bend or break. No black smoke or peculiar smell
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly:pre-waxed soy candle wicks can save you time.It does not contain any chemical substances or heavy metals, making it safer and healthier to use.
  • Scope of application: This candle wick has a wide range of applications and can be perfectly matched with different candle containers and candle wax
  • Service: Provide manufacturers with candle wicks of different sizes and thicknesses. Welcome to contact

Details: Use in 2-3 inch candle jar Feature: Can be cut to fit cups of different sizes. Also suitable for candle merchants to make more candles Non-toxic, it is made of hemp paper and burns more fully than cotton wax wick. It is the first choice for making all kinds of candle wicks. Note: When making candles, please use dyes and fragrances carefully. Excessive use may affect the burning effect, causing smoke and reducing the candle's ability to light up. Customer service: If you have any questions about our products, you can click the "Seller Contact" button in your Amazon account to send us an email. We are happy to help you, and we will reply to you as soon as possible .

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