A.C. Legg - Maple Breakfast Sausage, 2 Packs - 10 Ounce each

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  • A mild maple flavored pork sausage. Nutmeg and ginger combined with maple flavoring give the sausage a flavor that is a favorite of all ages.
  • Each 8 oz bag seasons 25lbs of meat - 2 bags per order
  • Use pork or a combination of with deer, elk, moose, wild boar, antelope and more.
  • For smaller batches, ~4 tablespoons of seasoning per 5 lbs. of meat

Details: MANUFACTURING PROCEDURE: 1. Grind pork through ½ inch plate. 2. Transfer to mixer, add seasoning and mix for 2 minutes. 3. Regrind through a 3/16 inch, 5/32 inch or 1/8 inch plate. 4. Package in bulk or stuff into casings.

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