Ahmad Tea Herbal Tea, Camomile, Honey, & Lavender 'Sleep' Natural Benefits Teabags, 20 ct (Pack of 6) - Decaffeinated & Sugar-Free

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Brand: Ahmad Tea

Color: Green


  • DELICIOUS & SATISFYING FLAVOR – Ahmad Tea earned 22 Great Taste Awards, Mixed Citrus being a favorite herbal tea. A refreshing blend filled with citrus flavors. Enjoy anytime of the day hot or iced.
  • QUALITY INGREDIENTS – Committing to quality and consistency, Ahmad Tea blends only the finest leaves cultivated from our trusted growers and tea gardens around the world. All blends are sugar-free.
  • BREWING YOUR TEA – Mixed Citrus is offered in tagged tea bags. Steep according to the recommended time on the pack. Served hot or iced.
  • TEA BENEFITS – Strong antioxidant properties that help support heart health and boosts your immune system. Mixed Citrus is naturally decaffeinated, sugar-free, and a great substitute for coffee and soft drinks.
  • ETHICAL TEA PRACTICES – We are proud to support the Ethical Tea Partnership, who are working towards the lives of tea workers and their environment worldwide.

Details: Mixed Citrus Infusion is an energizing blend based around the eternally uplifting flavors of lemon and orange. Bursting with juicy citrus aromas and bold, zesty notes, this herbal tea is sure to enliven your spirits and your taste buds. Our Tea Masters squeeze big authentic flavors into this blend, using only 100% natural ingredients. Orange and lemon are the stars of the show, with apple, rosehip and hibiscus providing the rounded backnotes. Ahmad Tea was built upon the quality of teas that it produces and has accepted 22 Great Taste Awards. Ingredients - Apple, natural flavor, sweet blackberry leaves, orange peel, rosehip, lemon peel. Sugar-free & decaffeinated. Origin - Various regions including Chile, Turkey, the USA, South America & Thailand *Subject to change due to seasonal variations. Brew Time - Infuse for 3-5 minutes. Serve hot or iced.

Languages: English, French

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