Airbrush Flow Improver Paint Set 8oz (250 ml) Reduce Clogs & Dry Needle Tips Made in USA by Impresa

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Color: Assorted


  • No More Clogging, No More Jams: Ideal for longer airbrushing sessions. Simply add to the airbrush cup with your preferred brand of professional acrylic paint to add improved airbrush performance and increase drying times.
  • Avoid Diluted Water Paint: Unlike other thinners, our airbrush flow aid helps to improve the flow of airbrush paint without making your model paint too watery. Our acrylic medium improves flow without compromising paint quality.
  • Economical Choice: Only requires one to two drops in 10 drops of paint. Our larger 8oz bottle will last longer and means that your airbrush acrylic paint will go further. Plus, it's made in the USA!
  • Superior Results: This acrylic slow drying medium helps to makes acrylic paint flow more manageable, provides a smoother finish, and a more even basecoat. This acrylic flow reducer aids to avoid jamming at critical moments that result in unsightly mistakes.
  • Essential Airbrush Accessories: Excellent for beginners through to professionals, this acrylic medium will help artists and hobbyists at all levels improve their skills and get better results.

Details: Are you trying to use your airbrush but are frustrated by frequent clogging?Our airbrush flow improver medium helps to drastically reduce the frequent clogging typically experienced by airbrush users. Simply add 1 part Flow Improver to 5 parts paint (and paint thinner if desired) and experience fewer blockages even when used on larger, more time demanding projects. Our high-quality airbrush medium acrylic is designed to not degrade the pigment or colorfastness so your paint will retain quality and saturation even with the highest quality paints.  By slowing the drying time of the model airbrush paint, our airbrush flow improver helps decrease the likelihood that your needle tip will become obstructed with dried paint. This means your airbrush can operate at its optimum performance and makes the paint more manageable for a smoother, more consistent finish.Unlike other products on the market, our larger 8 oz bottle offers a great value without compromising on quality. Let your creativity flow with our Airbrush Flow Improver, Made in the USA!

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