Anderson's Grade A Very Dark with Strong Flavor Pure Maple Syrup - 32 oz. Plastic Jugs - Natural Sweetener Alternative, Perfect for Cooking, Baking and some even like it on Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast.

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Brand: Anderson's

Color: brown


  • RICH AND DELICIOUS MAPLE SYRUP – Smooth and naturally sweet, our Grade A Very Dark pure maple syrup offers a Strong Maple Flavor that’s perfect for baking, deserts, sauces and grilling .And you can still use them on your breakfast favorites if you enjoy the stronger flavor.
  • VERY DARK AND STRONG TASTE - As the harvest season progresses, darker syrups are obtained from sap that is extracted later in the season. Grade A Very dark maple syrup “cooking grade” syrup has a stronger and bolder flavor and is usually used In places where you need a little more flavor for the maple to stand out from the other ingredients.
  • PURE MAPLE - Maple syrup is made from the sap of maple trees. The sap flows through maple trees all summer long, but in the spring, it transforms into a sweet mixture which helps the tree wake up after its long winter dormancy. The sap is collected from the trees each day and quickly boiled to remove the excess water. Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup is made from 40 gallons of maple sap plus time, love, and patience.
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY IN EVERY BOTTLE – Anderson's Pure Syrup is produced according to stringent guidelines and received certification from the Safe Quality Food Institute. SQF Certification is recognized by retailers and food service providers worldwide as meeting multiple levels of rigorous, credible standards of food safety management.
  • PLANT BASED NATURAL SWEETENER – If you’re making pastries, snacks, or healthy vegan foods, our maple is a great alternative to traditionally processed sugars and sweeteners. Just do a 1:1 substitute to use Maple syrup as a hero ingredient in your recipe

Details: Grade A Very Dark With Strong Flavor Considered by many as a “cooking grade” syrup, Grade A Very Dark has a much darker color and bolder flavor than Grade A Dark. It is ideal for cooking, baking and flavoring. Some studies even suggest that Grade A Very Dark has a higher dose of the healthy nutrients found in pure maple syrup.

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