Antique Bronze Glue Gun Sealing Wax Sticks for Wax Seal Stamp, Great for Wedding Invitations, Letters, Cards, Envelopes, Snail Mails, Wine Packages, Gift Wrapping

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Color: Antique Bronze


  • Package: 12 sticks in gorgeous packing (Color: Antique brass, Excellent color, good print looking), one pack to make more than 200 wax seals, 13-17 wax seals can be made per stick
  • Size: The Sealing Wax Stick is 2/5 inch in diameter x 5 2/5 inch in length, Suitable for Standard Size Glue Gun, Melting the wax sticks by glue gun is very easy to use, no worry about burning your finger.
  • High quality: Smokeless, non-toxic, no bubbles, melt easily and dry quick. They are made of wax and a little resin, so they are more flexible than traditional wax, not easy to be broken under the external force
  • Easy to apply: These wax sticks are super easy to use in the wax glue gun, no worry about the soot will drop on your beautiful wax seals, If you plan to seal dozens of envelopes or invitations, this is a more efficient method
  • Multi application: suitable sealing wedding invitations, envelopes, cards, manuscripts. Also perfect idea for decor your gifts packing, wine bottle, tea or cosmetics packaging, party invitations.

Details: Warm Tips: --Melting by tealight 1.The more smaller particles you cut the wax stick, the quicker you will melt it. 2.In order to stamp a beautiful wax seal, please move the melting spoon away from the candle BEFORE the whole part is melted. The waste heat of the wax will melt the rest of the wax. In this way you will get a wax seal without bubbles. --Melting by Glue Gun These Sticks are made of flexible sealing wax and molded to fit into a Regular Size glue gun. You do not use a flame, there will be no soot in your finished wax seals. You can make 10-12 wax seals per stick when using a 1 inch diameter wax seal stamp. (The number of wax seals you get per stick may vary, depending on your technique and the size of your seal stamp.)

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