Assorted Bulk Craft Grade Rabbit Skins(Pack of 5) Real Rabbit Fur Hide Quality Pelts Perfect for Decoration, Cat/Dog Toys, Sewing, or Crafting Fur Hide Dye Black

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Brand: Huichenxing2021FURSTORE

Color: Black


  • SEWING QUALITY SKINS: Rabbits fur are soft and supple, easy to craft ,These rabbits are professionally tanned for best crafting and sewing quality.Main color :Dye Black like the picture show
  • Size: rabbit fur pelt vary in size, the average size is about 10-12" wide and 12-14" long. Some may be slightly smaller or larger. include 5pcs one pack
  • High Quality Fur Skins :Rabbits are supple and soft , easy to craft with! These rabbits are professionally tanned for best crafting and sewing quality.
  • Note :These fur pelt pieces are nice, but there is a possibility of cowlicks, dirt clumps that can be removed by brushing the fur with your hand or by picking them out, score marks on the back, or other types of blemishes. it doesn't effect the usage ,all fur is high quality,No rabbits are farmed for their fur, it’s simply leftover after processing for meat. They are ranch raised and sustainable farmed.
  • Usage :Perfect Fur for Decoration , Cat/Dog Toys , Crafts & Gifts and Clothing ect , Rabbit pelts make great liners for parkas, hats, and mittens. They're also great for crafting, making stuffed animals, sewing doll clothes, and using as trim on many clothing items

Details: Product description✤✤ Color: Dye black like the picture show,will send random ✤✤Size :AT LEAST 10" by 14"- but many are much larger than that. ✤✤ Material :Each pelt is 100% REAL Rabbit fur ✤✤These pelts have been professionally tanned and are sewing quality with garment grade leather ✤✤Include :5pcs large rabbit fur pelts✤✤Kindly Tip:①.The item is made of Real rabbit fur,all these animals are fed on farm,just like cow,horse,They are NOT come from wild Animals.We do not make any products come from wild animals.All Fur products are come from livestock ②. We are a WHOLESALE, low profit, refined origin, support wholesale, if you need more, keep touch in ③. Natural color each skin is Unique and left in its natural color ,Because of this pelts can vary slightly in color, but all will be near in appearance to the pelt you see pictured. Note: In order to lessen the smell of tanned rabbits, place them in a dryer with a dryer sheet and NO heat cycle for a little while. Or allow to air dry outside. That will quickly reduce the scent. and when you get it ,shake it ,and the fur will be more beautiful ,thanks

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