Baltic Wonder Baltic Necklaces (Baroque Cognac) Certified as 100% Authentic Baltic Amber.

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Brand: Baltic Wonder

Color: Amber


  • BENEFITS - Our Accessories are All Certified as 100% Authentic. Our special beads come from the Lithuanian Baltic Sea & are professionally handcrafted by quality experts with over 30 years of experience. Making this the most thoughtful gift.
  • SAFETY - Beads are strategically knotted in between one another and the "twist clasp" closure feature provides extra safety, preventing multiple beads from detaching from the necklace all at once. Simply place against the skin.
  • DETAILS - The necklace is 32 - 33 cm in length. Measure before buying for the most comfortable fit. Size fits most. Stretches lightly if pulled gently.
  • AUTHENTIC - Easy to clean. A simple salted water test will help you verify authenticity.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Our Products have a 100% Money Back Guarantee (Valid 1 year from date of purchase)

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