BelOMO Jewelers Loupe 10x Triplet Magnifier with LEATHER CASE. 21mm (.85") Folding Magnifier

by BelOMO
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Brand: BelOMO

Color: Black


  • Professional Metal Handheld 10x Magnification Triplet With LEATHER CASE.
  • Large 0.65'' (17mm) Viewing Area for Pocket Magnifying Glass with Anti-Reflection (AR) Coating.
  • Hastings loop with Large 21mm(0.85'') Achromatic Triplet Lens Gathers Light for a Bright, Clear and Color Correct View.
  • Optical Quality Glass Lenses, each BelOMO hand loupe is certified just like a camera lens.
  • Inspection Rocks, Minerals, Jewelery, Diamonds, Coins, Botany, Stamps, Gemstone, Plant. Hand lens for Science, Geological.

Details: The BelOMO Triplet Loupe Magnifier has a lage size .85" and large viewing area .67"
The BelOMO 10x Triplet Loupe Magnifier is an extremely high-quality achromatic magnifying lens manufactured by the Belarusian Optical Mechanical Association (BelOMO). The BelOMO 10x is the favorite and most frequently recommended 10x power loupe of geologists, rockhounds, gemologists, macro photographers, numismatists, entomologists, and philatelists around the world.
The 10x magnifying loupe has three achromatic, colour correction, antireflection lenses that make it possible to see the image as precise and clear as in the original. Due to the presence of three lenses the magnifier is called a triplet.
The BelOMO 10x magnifying loupe is rugged and convenient to hold in hand, its outer casing is made of steel which prevents it from mechanical damage whereas inside it is of reliable plastic. Due to its high quality and great magnification the BelOMO triplet can be applied in different ways:
Magnification of printed texts
Examination of precious gems (jewelry loupes)
Examination of minerals
Study of insects
Magnification of coins and banknotes
Rock examination (the best loupe for rocks)
Inspecting of fabric
Tools sharpening loupe
Pocket magnifier for any purposes

model number: belomo-10x-case1

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