Biodegradable Glitter for Art, Craft, Body, and Makeup--Great for Kids Too, and It's Fair Trade!

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Brand: Unicorn Sparkle Association

Color: Stone


  • Gorgeous glitter is made from plant cellulous from eucalyptus leaves and resin and colored with non-toxic dyes, the sparkle comes from stone minerals. My 10-year-old came up with this product to help you and your art sparkle while being gentle on the environment. Thanks for your purchase! You're making this young entrepreneur's dreams come true!
  • 🌿Biodegradable
  • 💖fair trade
  • 😊shaker tops for less mess
  • 🌈8 Colors in 3.5 gram jars each (the glitter is measured in grams so the jars might not be filled all the way).

Details: ❔Did you know that traditional glitter is made out of plastic and is bad for our earth and your health? 💖 Our biodegradable glitter is fair trade and made from plant fibers🌿, sparkled with natural minerals and colored with non-toxic dyes. 🖐 It is for external use only. 💖 The package contains 28 grams of biodegradable glitter in 8 colors.. 🌈 💕This company was founded by my 10 year old daughter because she loves to sparkle and she loves the earth and wanted to help others to sparkle while caring for our precious planet.💖♻

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