Bob's Sweet Stripes Bobs Sweet Stripes Soft Peppermint Candy - 250 Mints Individually Wrapped in Reusable Plastic Tub - Peppermint Candy White,Red

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Brand: Bob's Sweet Stripes

Color: White,Red


  • PEPPERMINT CANDY BULK TUB – Bob’s sweet stripes are the classic red and white dinner mints. These sweet, soft, melt in your mouth mints make a refreshing treat.
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED MINTS – Sweet mint pieces come individually wrapped which makes for great pinata stuffers, the perfect candy dish for office desk, and a fun care package for college students.
  • REUSABLE PLASTIC CANDY JAR – Ideal for candy buffets, these candy peppermints come packaged in a plastic tub with lid. This reusable candy container can be refilled with bags of small candy and even makes a great spare change jar.
  • CANDY WHOLESALE SUPPLY – Tub measures 7.5 x 5.25 x 8.25 inches and is filled with 250 soft peppermint candies for endless snacking.
  • CANDIES FOR ANY OCCASION – Peppermint puffs are great for Halloween, Easter baskets, birthday parties, Christmas stocking stuffers, office snacks and anyone with a sweet tooth.

Details: This Bulk Candy Tub is filled with 250 individually wrapped Bob’s Sweet Stripes Soft Peppermint Candy pieces. Smooth red and white candy mints feature a soft texture that melt away on your tongue.BULK SUPPLY OF CANDY – FAMILY SIZE THAT IS GREAT FOR PARTIESDesigned with refreshing flavor, this wholesale supply of sweet peppermint candy is perfect for any occasion. Each mint comes individually wrapped. Set this candy dish on your office desk to share in the sugar indulgence with your coworkers. Use this bulk candy as pinata filler for birthday parties or after dinner mints. Great for Halloween candy, college dorm rooms, wedding receptions, party favors, and anyone with a sweet tooth.PACKAGED IN REUSABLE PLASTIC CANDY JARThis large amount of candy comes packed in a clear plastic tub that is ideal for candy tables and candy buffets. The lidded design makes it easy to store. Once you finish off your candy supply, this reusable candy dispenser can be refilled with bags of candy. Not just for candies, this container can be used afterwards to collect change. Transparent plastic tub measures 7.5 x 5.25 x 8.25 inches.

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