Bolner's Fiesta Texas Style Steak Seasoning w/Tenderizer 27oz

by Bolner
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Brand: Bolner


  • Premium quality
  • Large restaurant size
  • Fiesta Brand is a Texas tradition
  • For Delicious Steak
  • Rich robust flavor

Details: When traditional steak seasoning simply won’t cut it, Teas Style Steak Seasoning comes to the rescue with bold and delicious flavor. You do not have to be a master barbecue chef yourself to create juicy steaks and other grilled meats – all you need is Texas Style Steak Seasoning. This delicious spice blend is the perfect combination of garlic, onion, salt, pepper and a hint of lemon zest and other spices that will turn even the simplest cut of beef into a masterpiece. This seasoning blend also serves as a tenderizer, so no matter what cut of beef you choose, you can’t go wrong! Just sprinkle a little of this seasoning blend on your steak 30 minutes before cooking then barbecue it over an open flame for the perfect charbroiled flavor. If you want a bolder taste, let the flavor develop in the refrigerator overnight before cooking.

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