Brilliant Bee - Watercolor Brush Pens for Painting and Calligraphy (20 pack) – Blendable, Water-Based Ink, Real Nylon Brush Tip, Multiple Colors - For Adults or Kids

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Brand: Brilliant Bee


  • For New & Veteran Artists - Watercolors are a pleasure for new and experienced artists. Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, this budget-friendly set is a great start for budding artists to learn the craft, and of such a quality that seasoned painters will love using them too
  • Why A Brush Pen? - Learning to use a brush can be challenging, but everyone knows how to hold a pen . These brush pens are comfortable in the hand and easy to handle, making them a great tool for experienced and novice artists alike. The set also includes a water brush pen that allows you to control how much water you release, so you can explore a variety of watercolor styles.
  • Real Nylon Brush Tips - The soft brush tips are made from real nylon, providing the beautiful, smooth finish needed to capture the full beauty of water-based paints. The fine brush tips are ideal for detail work on paintings, drawings, or calligraphy, but flexible enough to be used for coloring in larger spaces.
  • Mobile & Mess Free - With the convenient carrying case for storage and leak resistant caps, this set of brush pens is perfect for the traveling artist. You can keep it in the studio or bring it with you to paint in the park or at the bus stop.
  • 20 Brilliant Colors - Brilliant Bee provides 20 rich colors in this large pack, making it perfect for beginning artists or for resupplying your art kit. Best yet, the water-based paint is blendable, so you can get the hues just right.

Details: Novices and masters alike have enjoyed the forgiving nature and unique visuals of watercolors, and these watercolor brush pens have inherited that trait. These pens provide a familiar and comfortable grip, allowing for an easier transition into painting than a traditional brush might permit. The real nylon brush tips create the smooth finish so well known in watercolors, or you can use them to practice the elegant flourishes of calligraphy. The water-based ink can be easily blended using the special included refillable water pen , giving you access to a full range of colors for each painting. Whether you’re a teacher or parent looking to support your kiddos’ creativity or an artist interested in practicing with watercolors, this pack will set you well on your way. Count: 20 Watercolor Brush Pens

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