Bucklebee Easy Car Seat Buckle Release Aid for Children Unbuckle Car Seat Release Tool - Car Seat Button Pusher - Car Seat Opener for Nails - Car Seat Buckle Release Tool Buddy Me (2 Pack Teal)

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Color: 2 Pack Teal


  • Proven product designed to reduce the unbuckling force for a child or caregiver. Car seat buckle release tool installs in 4 simple steps and you're ready with and easy car seat key to undo the seat belt when ready. Easy carseat unbuckling tool
  • The original carseat buckle helper. If you suffer from any joint or hand pain this seat belt buckle booster is for you! It's the car seat easy release tool you've been waiting for providing leverage without pain. Just install, align, and push to open
  • Save your nails by using this car seat clip opener. No more catching your thumb or other nails on the edges of the carseat opener. This buckle buddy does the work for you and keeps fingers away from the seat. Great carseat key unbuckle gift.
  • Crash tested to work with car seats to demonstrate this buckle tool will not unintentionally unbuckle a car seat on impact. Never lose this car seat unbuckle tool with car seat quick release. Safe car seat key unbuckle tool for caregivers.
  • Perfect for push button buckle. Made in the USA.

Details: The Bucklebee is the original product that reduces the release force of the buckle for responsible children to unbuckle themselves. Perfect for caregivers and children that are mature enough to unbuckle themselves from a car seat but just don't have physical strength yet. Works with push button style car seat buckle harnesses. Easy install car seat release extension. Depress this seat belt buckle guard for kids. Works on magnetic car seat clips, carseat magnetic clips, car seat push button systems, a carseat feet rest or carseat magnets. Great for when your kids can use a carseat clip opener. Allows children to un buckle car seat. Winning carseat unbuckle tool. Fits all clip car seat styles, every baby car seat locking clip. Used with car seat magnets for straps, magnetic carseat hands, and car seat clips for straps or a seat belt magnet. Two new colors of carseat opener - Teal and Gray! Great car seats accessory.

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