Capomo Herbal Coffee Substitute - Acid Free, Caffeine Free And Gluten Free - Natural Dark Roast - Maya Nut , - 2 Pack From Tattva's Herbs -22 oz

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Brand: Tattva's Herbs

Color: Blue


  • LOOKS, SMELLS AND TASTE LIKE COFFEE nature’s premier coffee substitute and antioxidant superfood with delicious hints of chocolate and warming cinnamon
  • HIGH IN FIBER, LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX, ANTIOXIDANT not only delicious, but nutritious for the entire body
  • RICH IN AMINO ACIDS, NO CAFFEINE, LOW CALORIE NO FAT enjoy this drink day or night for elevated moods with no caffeine jitters, restlessness, or crash
  • RICH IN CALCIUM, POTASSIUM, FOLATE, ZINC, IRON, VITAMINS AND PROTEIN a true superfood packed with essential vitamins and minerals
  • ECO FRIENDLY, EASY TO MAKE, GREAT DAY OR NIGHT organic, non-GMO, no gluten, no sugar, no dairy, completely Vegan. Prepared in the same way as your favorite coffee, no caffeine so it’s great anytime day or night.

Details: TTHE BEST TASTING, GREAT SMELLING COFFEE ALTERNATIVE AVAILABLE Capomo, also known as Brosimum alicastrum or breadnut/Maya Nut comes from a tree in the fig family, native to the west coast of central and southern Mexico. The roasted nuts of this tree look, smell, and taste a lot like coffee, only BETTER with natural hints of warm cinnamon and rich chocolate. RICH IN AMINO ACIDS, CONTAINS NO CAFFEINE, LOW CALORIE AND NO FAT amino are required for the production of both protein and neurotransmitters. They are a powerful natural mood booster that work by actually allowing your body to produce chemicals that keep your mind and body health. Because capomo contains no caffeine, sugar or any artificial stimulates, you get all the great benefits of elevated mood with no crash. RICH IN CALCIUM, POTASSIUM, FOLATE, ZINC, IRON, VITAMINS AND PROTEIN capomo is a powerful superfood loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, so not only does it taste delicious and refreshing, but it is an amazingly healthy drink that provides the body with many benefits. It is not a stimulate, but a true refreshment. ECO-FRIENDLY, SUSTAINABLE, COMPLETELY VEGAN, MADE WITHOUT SUGAR, DAIRY OR GLUTEN Sourced from indigenous business owners who continue to harvest the Maya Nut in the traditional way they have for generation. The seeds are collected only after they have naturally fallen from the tree. Capomo contains no gluten, no sugar, no animal or artificial products.

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