CAT PALM B-7000 Adhesive, Multi-Function Glues Paste Adhesive Suitable for Glass,Wooden, Jewelery, Rhinestones, 3.7oz

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Color: 3.7oz


  • ★Using a needle design, can be opened after use, won't get gagging..Allows Small Adhesive drops for fine, Precise , Controlled and no mess Applications.
  • ★Multi Purpose,Able to permanently bond various materials.Suited for Smart Phone,Jewelry,Electronic Components,Toys, Metal, Glass, Rubber, Fiber, Paper, Ceramics, Wood, Cloth, Textile, Nylon, PVC, Leather and other materials.
  • ★Impact resistance: Very high elasticity, can be stretched to its own length of 900% will not break, effectively bonding with the expansion of the material with the surface, improve the durability of the load bearing structure.
  • ★Sealing characteristics: sealed and isolated gas, liquid, air flow, in the underwater environment with plastic long-term to maintain excellent bonding strength.
  • ★Surface dry time:about 6 minutes

Details: Type: Liquid Glue Material:Transparent Semi-Fluid Color:Transparent Capacity: 110ML Weight:About 100g Packing Included: 1 * 110ml B7000 Glues  ★B-7000 is a special environmental protection and other industries bonding glue crafts, compared with other adhesives, B-7000 pungent odor but also tiny FRESH fragrance;  having a high elastic film soft, anti-vibration and waterproof. ★B-7000 paste adhesive can be used on metals, glass, ceramics, stone, bamboo wood, cloth, leather, PVC, ABS, nylon, sponge, film, textiles, electronic components, plastics, rubber, fiber class,sheet, cell phone stickers border, LCD screen, in the box, and other materials, and has a very good paste properties. If you have any problem, pls feel free to contact us, thanks!

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