Creative Mark Davinci Artist Viewfinder - 3" x 4" Viewfinder for Drawing Allows Scene or Object in Eight Sections

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Brand: Creative Mark


  • Viewfinder For Slides: This 3” x 4” artists drawing aids tool allows you to look at a scene or object in eight sections without the distraction of surrounding elements and help to modify or draw with correct proportions.
  • How To Use: To use the viewfinder artist tools just look through the window at your scene and notice where objects in your scene line up with the threads or corners of the viewfinder.
  • Drawing Tools For Artists: The durable view catcher is made of strong ABS plastic with a small circular opening that helps you to see the "True" color. Our picture finder is the perfect gift for any artist.
  • Small & Easy To Hold: This view catcher for artists measures 3” x 4” in size which is useful, small, and easy to hold. You can focus in on each area to do a sketch or modify an existing sketch.
  • Find The Right Composition: Our viewfinder extender opens vertically or horizontally to help you find the right composition. This art view finder helps to create stronger compositions do keeps one in your painting gear.

Details: CREATIVE MARK DAVINCI ARTIST VIEWFINDER: The grid method dates back to ancient Egyptians and was used by great masters like Leonardo Da Vinci. Various artist painting tools can get rather complex but with our artists drawing tools you can divide the scene in eight sections bringing it to its basic version. With our drawing tools for artists focus on each area to do a sketch or after to modify a sketch. These painting tools for artists are very useful, small, and easy to hold. If you are not using one we know you will be amazed at how such a simple tool can enhance your work.KEY FEATURS FOR VIEW CATCHER DRAWING:Dimensions: 3” x 4”Material: PlasticPocket SizeEasy to HoldSmall & UsefulGreat for Artists.ABOUT US:The Creative Mark Brand is a small, family-owned business. We love designing thoughtful products that we can use in our daily life. Designing these artists tools are an effort to do just that. We hope you love our product as much as we do. Thanks for supporting our little business!

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