Dagaon Favorite Korean Snack Box 24 Count - Appetizing Gift and Care Package for any occasions and everyone. Variety of Korean Treats Including Top Picked Chips, Biscuits, Cookies, Pies, Candies.

by Dagaon
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Brand: Dagaon


  • DAGAON’S KOREAN SNACK BOX – Korea’s top brands snacks and drink are carefully selected and individually wrapped for freshness and placed into one box.
  • VARIETY OF 24 KOREAN TREATS - popular Korean cookies, chips, biscuits, cookies, pies, drinks, candy, coffee, tea, and jelly to give satisfaction.
  • IDEAL SNACK PACKAGE FOR ANY OCCASION- gifts, college dorms, parties, events, offices, trips, holidays, care package and more or simply enjoy as Korean Snack sample pack.
  • KOREAN TREATS FOR EVERYONE – kids, adults, teens, friends, family, students, co-workers, classmates, military personnel, loved ones and of course yourself.
  • CONTENTS OF THE BOX - Based on availability of each snacks, items in the box may change with similar items.

Details: Inside Dagaon’s Korean Snack Box are the Korean’s favorite snacks including chips, biscuits, cookies, pies, candies, drink and crackers. All of our snacks are individually wrapped snacks in one box and ready to enjoy right away. We selected only the Korean’s top favorite brand snacks so that everyone can experience satisfaction. In our snack box, there is instruction postcard to enjoy our instant coffee and tea. Dagaon’s Korean Snack Box will be perfect gift or care packages to everyone including kids, teens, adults, seniors, husband, wife, grandchildren, grandparents, parents, teachers, boss, partner, co-workers, aunt, uncle, cousin, office, meetings, college, holiday, trip, camp, picnics, hospital, birthday, events, Halloween, Valentine’s day, and much more. You can enjoy Dagaon’s Korean Snack Box immediately anywhere and anytime! Items in the box may change with similar items based on availability. Food Allergy Warning: Our Snacks may contain Peanuts, Other Nuts, Wheat, Soy and Dairy Products. Product of Korea.

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