DELIOU Silk Stencil Screen Printing Squeegee,Wooden Ink Scraper for Screen Printing (5.9 inch) Water Squeegee - 75 Durometer) (5.9inch)

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  • [Use]: Squeegee is also called scraper, it is one kind of tool that used to scratch the ink on the screen to make it leak to the substrate.
  • [Material]: The silk screen scraper is composed of a light wooden handle and a high-quality rubber strip, excellent abrasion and solvent resistance
  • [Specifications]: The shape of the knife edge is flat, and the hardness of the rubber strip is 75 degrees, which can meet most of the silk screen requirements.
  • [Length selection]: The length of the squeegee should be 5-10 inches shorter than the inner diameter of the screen and 2-5 inches wider than the graphic part.
  • [Scope of application]: Screen printing squeegee is widely used in the field of screen printing, which is very suitable for clothing printing, manual DIY printing, and advertising printing.

Details: Screen printing squeegee kit, 75 durometer wooden ink scraper for screen printing Material: Made of rubber blade and wooden handle Features: Make the ink flow through the screen and contact the printing material to ensure that the screen and the surface of the printing material are suitable, and the excess ink on the screen can be removed. Storage: Clean the knife edge with clean water or net washing water and store it in a cool place to extend the life of the tape.

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