Dowarm 1440PCS Hotfix Crystal Rhinestones, SS6 2MM Hot Fix Crystals for Crafts Clothes, Flatback Glass Crystal for Decoration, Round Gems (Mine Gold/Crystal Aurum)

by Dowarm
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Brand: Dowarm

Color: Mine Gold / Crystal Aurum


  • 💎 Hotfix Rhinestones Material: Hotfix Crystals are made of glass; Flatback Hotfix Rhinestone Sizes: SS6; Diameter: 2mm, 1440PCS. SS6 is TINY size ☆ Please refer to the diameter for how big the rhinestones are, do not imagine by pictures☆
  • 💎 Each rhinestone is glittering with precision cut multi-faceted, serve as beautiful ornaments and shine under the illumination of lights.
  • 💎 Wide Applications: hotfix crystal rhinestones can be used to DIY crafts, add spark to cloth, shoes, belt or any other projects.
  • 💎 Easy to use: These hotfix rhinestones have a heat activated Germany glue on the bottom that melts and sticks when heat is applied, use a hot fix applicator or a household iron to set them; Practice will help before applying, and please make sure the glue is fully melted to stick strongly.
  • 💎 Tips: You can also use your own glue to stick the rhinestones to any surface at your convenience; Small items, children should use under the supervision of an adult.

Details: Hotfix Rhinestone Sizes: SS6 2mm / SS10 2.8mm / SS16 4mm / SS20 4.8mm / SS30 6.5mm FLAT BACKS HOTFIX - Adhesive crystals - Flat Backs Hotfix crystals are loose crystal elements with a flat reverse side that is pre-coated with a heat sensitive glue. These Flatback crystals can be easily applied using heat to produce a durable and long-lasting crystal effect. - Material: Our hotfix rhinestones are made of glass, these crystal gems are super sparkle, catch the lights. - High quality glue: HENKAL Gemany hotfix glue, firmly glued, will not fall off. Please do not compare the cheap resin or acrylic crystals nor black glue rhinestones with our gray glue glass rhinestones. Hotfix glue We use HENKAL- Gemany hotfix glue, which is wash-resistant and easy to care for, it's easy to apply these crystal rhinestones to fibres with hot fix applicator wand or iron, quickly and firmly glued. Tips: The glue will start to melt at 150?? or higher, can stick very well at 150??-185??, so it is always recommended to use house hold iron to fix our hotfix crystals, especially for larger sizes: SS20 SS30 SS34 SS40. How to apply the hotfix rhinestones: - Preheat your hot fix applicator or iron. (Not included in the package); - Arrange hotfix crystals in desired pattern or place; - Apply the hot fix applicator or iron on the hotfix rhinestones, wait for around 10-15 seconds to melt the glue fully. - When the glue is heated, it melts, penetrating the fibre of the material. As it cools, the glue hardens and permanently affixes the hotfix crystal to the fibres. The temperature, application time and necessary pressure may vary depending on the fibre or material you choose. Due to manual counting, there might be a slight error in the quantity.

model number: HFColored

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