Duncan Real Gold Overglazes premium gold

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Brand: Duncan Toys

Color: Premium Gold


  • 2 Gram Bottle. Apply over fired glaze to add brilliant gold accents.
  • One coat of Precious Metals offers opaque coverage.
  • Apply over gloss glazes for a shiny sheen or matte glazes for a subtle luster.
  • Stilt and fire the Gold to shelf cone 019-018.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Made in USA.

Details: Duncan Real Gold Overglazes provide the perfect way to create the finishing touches you need to make your work unique. These accents fire at a relatively low temperature and will give your ceramics a lustrous, professional look. They consist of actual precious metal in metallic overglaze form and, when fired, yield the brilliance of real carat gold.Duncan Real Gold Overglazes fire to cone 019-020. They are available in bottles containing 2g of overglaze.Bright Gold adds a touch of brilliant 22 kt. gold and contains 5% real gold.White Gold adds the light brilliance of real white gold and contains 5% real gold.Premium Gold adds the beautiful accents of traditional 22 kt. gold and contains 10% real gold.

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