Fworld 8 Inch White Styrofoam Balls for DIY Crafts, Painting, SculptingOrnament, Modeling School Holiday Projects (8 Inch 1Pieces)

by Fworld
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Brand: Fworld


  • 【Product Usage】The foam ball has a smooth surface, allowing you to decorate and customize them with flowers, paint, rope, twine, ribbon, glitter and glue, DIY becomes an exclusive art decoration.
  • Package includes 1 balls, our foam balls are 8 inches in diameter,
  • DIY Creations Use foam balls to create a unique centerpiece or party decoration for your upcoming wedding, baby shower, engagement party or birthday celebration.
  • Our foam needs to have a smooth surface, be easy to paint, and not easily fall off after decoration.
  • With your DIY design, it can be easily polished and cut to your preferred size and shape. Complete your exclusive creation

Details: *Product name: DIY handmade material for children with solid foam balls. *Specifications: Our foam balls have a diameter of 8 inches and come in a set of 1 Wide application: used in various wedding props, Halloween, Easter, harvest festival, ghost festival, Christmas and many other festive crafts and foam cutting crafts. *Product use: painting, DIY, graffiti, children's hand-made, wedding decoration. *What's included: This pack contains 1 solid craft foam balls in bulk to ensure that you always have foam balls for your next craft project. *Use this set of 1 foam solid balls for children’s crafts, modeling, sculptures, science projects or party decorations. The smooth solid polystyrene foam ball allows you to easily customize your unique artwork using templates, paint, twine and ribbons! Create unique party decorations, floral centerpieces or logos for upcoming holiday parties or birthday celebrations.

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