Goshen Honey Amish Extremely Raw Carpathian Pure MOUNTAIN Honey 100% Organically Natural with Life Enzymes Health Benefits | Unfiltered Unprocessed OU Kosher Certified Glass Jar 2.2 Lb | 35.2 Oz 1KG

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Brand: Carpathian Healer

Color: White, Light Yellow


  • FEEL THE NATURAL HONEY: Smooth, 100% Raw, Pure & Natural Mountain Honey. Mountain Fall Honey unprocessed, unheated, unpasteurized, unblended for a maximum benefits of health. Harvested by healthy bees!
  • AROMA & TASTE: Mountain Honey It is valued not only for its purity and excellent taste, but also for its healing properties.it's sweet and crisp taste.Crystallized Honey
  • SOURCE OF VITAMINS AND ANTIOXIDANTS: Mountain Honey has health benefits and a range of vitamins and minerals.
  • NO ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES: No Pesticide, Pollutant, No Preservatives & Additives. No Colors, OU Kosher Certified. Product of Ukraine
  • PERFECT FOR: Tea, Coffee or Root Vegetables. Also excellent as a spread on toast & bagels, or drizzled on cheese and salads. Makes an excellent gift.

Details: Carpathian Mountain Fall Raw Honey Carpathian Mountain Fall Raw Honey produced in the Ukraine, sourced from the Carpathian Mountain honey is the most valuable because it is harvested in ecologically clean regions. It is valued not only for its purity and excellent taste, but also for its healing properties. Mountain herbs growing under favorable conditions accumulate more beneficial substances than their lowland relatives. Since mountain honey is multiflower (collected from different species of wild plants), it contains a huge amount of nutrients. The richness of the Carpathian honey is due to the high activity of local bees. They are able to control large areas and quickly find nectar-rich plants. We provide you with 100% Unfiltered Unpasteurized Unadulterated Unblended Unprocessed honey just so you can have all the natural goodness that comes with it. You can use raw Mountain honey as a substitute for sugar in your tea, desserts or even while baking delicious pastries! Unlike the majority of honey sitting on store shelves today, Amish Honey does not import any types of honey that are processed by large commercial companies, instead we outsource small village beekeepers. Every jar of our imported honey is all genuine, pure, raw honey.

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