Grumbacher Academy Acrylic Paint, Gloss, 90ml/3 oz Metal Tube, Unbleached Titanium White

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Brand: Grumbacher

Color: Unbleached Titanium White


  • A warm beige tinted white, this can be used to lighten colors with a different effect than regular whites
  • Great for portrait painting, desert and beach scenes, underpainting and tinted grounds
  • ASTM lightfast rating of 1- Excellent; Made in USA
  • Highly pigmented and superior tinting strength
  • Part of a student line of 48 briliiant process colors, metallic and iridescent colors at an affordable price

Details: Titanium White is the most opaque white with the heaviest tinting strength. It is most appropriate for direct painting or for quickly lightening colors. Grumbacher Academy Acrylics is a line of 48 brilliant process colors, metallic and iridescent colors, as well as the most sought after traditional colors. All colors have an ASTM lightfast rating of 1- Excellent. Academy Acrylics are highly pigmented and have superior tinting strength, but at a student price. Available in 90ml metal tubes and 75ml & 200ml plastic tubes. Made in USA.

model number: C218

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