Hahiyo Needles Stitch Holders Set Sturdy Aluminum Mixed Color Safety Pin Cable Knitting Bent Weaving Needle Hooks 12 Pieces for Sweaters Socks Yarn Sewing Crochet Embroidery

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Color: Mixed Color


  • Save your time:Previously you might always looking for chopsticks or toothpicks as stitch holder to use if your knitting getting too big and heavy to work with.Now with this set you can have stitch holders in hand,no longer have to search especially since you are working on more than one project at a time in most case.
  • Subtle and colorful:The colors are vibrant and bright.Anodizing on pins gives it a durable finish,slight dress-up.The bright colors really help you quick locate pockets,pocket openings,and sleeve openings on a knitting cardigan.Having so many in different colors means not having to put live stitches on waste yarn saving on time,and stiches can be knitted off them without drama.
  • Sturdy aluminum:High quality aluminum alloy so they’re lightweight enough for you to foucus on continuous knitting project without being exhausted.These pins are well-machined,not easy to cause deformation under pressure.Keeping the sureface smooth so no burrs to catch your yarn,aloows you to pass them back onto the knitting needle smoothly.
  • A nice kick-start:If your new knitting hobby is inheriting from your mother,after you collect all the panels,these stitch holders can hold the panels.Then your mom can teach you how to sew it all together later.It will make your kick-start on the journey to knitting much easier.You can start your project with confident and being able to do exactly as the knitting guildbook say.
  • Extra assistant:You might having a horrible time dropping stiches on short row sock heels,its gonna take quite a lot of time to finish.These stitch holder work great for holding your work together when you feel like putting it aside for a while.You can pick up the knitting again at any time without worry about your work getting loose all over the place.

Details: Material:High quality aluminum Size:9/15/20cm(4 pieces of each size) Package Include:12 pieces Having the coloured pins helps you easier to know which is which.Now you have a variety and never have to search especially since you are working on more than one project at a time.

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