Higashimaru Udon soup 50 bags

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Brand: Higashimarushoyu


  • Contents: 8g ~ 50 bags
  • Ingredients: (including some of the raw wheat) sa
  • Product Size (height ~ depth ~ width): 130mm ~ 53

Details: Only dissolve a quick in hot water, flavorful Udondashi is enjoy the easy "udon soup". And let the taste and Satsuma this section of the richness of dried bonito of Hokkaido true kelp, and finished in this brewing pale mouth soy sauce. Mellow taste and elegant soup of Kansai flavor. Since using the pale mouth soy sauce, looks better Udon of color and taste. Moment you poured the hot water, and you can experience the aroma and taste of soup of the collection. Udon, of course, soup, soup winding eggs, cooked rice, egg custard, Oden, etc., I can widely used. From a powder is of sachets, it is useful to use off once. Stock up storage stability is well with confidence I can.

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