Jadamsun Body Loves Konjac Jelly (Mango, 20pc). 1 Calorie Smoothie with Zero Sugar.

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Brand: Jadamsun


  • ONLY 1 CALORIE KONJAC JELLY IN THE MARKET: Enjoy delicious mango fruit flavor smoothie without feeling guilty. Live a more balanced life by switching your regular snack to low calorie healthy superfood that is vegan friendly and gluten free. The package comes in 20pcs (3.7oz per pack)
  • ZERO SUGAR SUPERFOOD: Konjac is widely known in Asia for its benefits on diet and weight loss. The core component called Glucomannan, a dietary fibre, will leave you feeling satisfied helping you resist the temptation for high calorie food like cookies or soft drinks. Erythritol is used instead of added sugars, most of the ingredient is emitted from the body.
  • ONLY 2 LAYERS JELLY IN THE MARKET: Jadamsun Jelly contains another layer of jelly inside to make it even more yummy and fun texture. Best served chilled. Store them in the refrigerator. Note that Korean Expiration Date reads YEAR/MONTH/DAY.
  • MEAL REPLACEMENT DRINK ON THE GO: For breakfast meal or workout snack after gym, take the superfood pack anywhere. Each smoothie pack is ready to drink. The squeeze pouch is designed for anyone to enjoy drinkable Konjac jelly.
  • LEADING KOREAN HEALTHY SNACK BRAND. For the past decade Jadamsun has been producing delicious yet healthy jellies and smoothies. Body Loves Konjac Kelly with low calorie is one of top selling jelly products in South Korea.

Details: Jadamsun manufactures and distributes health snacks since 2012.

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