Large Number Stencils 8 INCH Approx French Style Reusable Numbers 0123456789 on 10 Separate Sheets of 290 x 200mm

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Brand: Dovetails Vintage


  • ★ Number Size: 8 inches approx Stencil Numbers ★ Shipped from the USA
  • ★ Font Type: French Style Number stencils for Stylish Signage
  • ★ Numerals 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 on 10 x Separate Sheets
  • ★ Thickness: 190 micron Alphabet stencil, Strong yet Flexible too
  • ★ Material: Tough Mylar Plastic Polyester - Easy to wash & Re-usable ★ Use over and over again

Details: Number Stencils ★ Material: 190 micron opaque Mylar ● Colour: Off White ● Translucent - which allows you to clearly see what you are painting through the template. ● Flexible - great for using on surfaces which are not completely flat and easier to use in smaller spaces. ● Tough - Made from 190 micron opaque Mylar, a plastic which makes for a stronger more durable stencil. ● Reusable - Because we use them ourselves, we know that it’s nice to have something you can use again and again. ● Washable - can be washed with a scrubbing sponge and warm soapy water for acrylic paints or white spirit can be used to help remove oil based paints. ● Multi Purpose - you really can let your imagination run wild and use these stencils for all manner of crafts, furniture painting and sign making. We have a range of sizes available USING THE STENCILS: Will work on any surface including furniture, fabrics, walls, glass and flooring. For best results, affix your stencil to whatever surface you are painting with low tack masking tape. Mask off any areas you do not wish to stencil. You can use Acrylic Paint, water based paint, spray paint, wall paint, and air-brushing. We find a SMALL amount of paint works best, do not dilute paint as this makes it watery and more liable to seep underneath the stencil. For a crisp finish I personally apply the paint in a quick dabbing motion with a Stencil Brush held at a 90 degree angle to the surface, slowly building up a layer of paint - like a little woodpecker! All of our stencils are made by us in our Sevenoaks workshop in Kent UK - Dovetails Vintage is a small independent company with a bricks and mortar shop

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