Low Acid Coffee - Organic Coffee - Ground and Whole Beans for French Press, Espresso, Pourover - Non-GMO - Mold Free - 12 oz - Single Origin Coffee - Magni Coffee (GROUND Light Roast)

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Brand: Magni Coffee


  • Starting Your Day the Right Way: There's nothing better than the smell of freshly brewed coffee early in the morning. For those who know how to appreciate exquisite coffee, we are bringing a unique colletion of single origin organic coffee that allows you to turn the favorite part of your morning routine into art.
  • The Quality You Deserve: Our single origin coffee beans are 100% organic and carefully selected to make sure you get the most amazing experience with each sip. The organic coffee beans are carefully roasted to bring out the excellent natural flavor.
  • A Better Option for Your Stomach: Although delicious, regular coffee can often times be too acidic for your stomach, which can lead to discomfort and even health issues. That's where our organic coffee makes a real diffeerence. It very low acidity level that is kinder on your stomach and also protects your teeth from unwanted side effects.
  • Pure Coffee and Nothing Else: We are proud that our organic beans are free from toxins and single-origin which allows us to control the quality. Our beans are also fair trade to make sure to create a sustainable environment for our hard-working farmers.
  • Light Roast: Our coffee beans Mexico are lightly roasted to ensure a slightly softer taste. The Oaxaca beans are a great option for pourover, French Press, aero-press, having a lovely aroma of sweet hay, crisp cedar, almond and walnut, and a hint of black tea.

Details: At Magni Coffee, we put our customer’s needs above all else. We know that your daily coffee is more than a delicious hot beverage to wake you up, it is a real ritual that you can enjoy every morning. That is why, when it comes to the quality of your coffee, there is no room for compromise. We have carefully selected the most amazing coffee beans and carefully roasted them, preserving their natural flavor and intense aromas. Our coffee beans are 100% organic and low-acid, which makes them a safe and gentle option for your stomach and teeth. What makes this product special? The Magni single-origin coffee beans are a premium product that will make each morning or afternoon more special. With a wide range of products varying from light to dark roast and even decaf, our coffee beans are an amazing way to start your day. You can also choose between pure, whole beans or our custom ground coffee that is suitable for most coffee brewing methods. Some features to keep in mind about our product: Quantity: 12oz; Can be used for Pourover, French press, Aero-press, espresso; Premium coffee; Luxurious packaging; Excellent flavor; Intense aroma; Single-origin coffee; 100% organic; Low-acid coffee for sensitive stomachs; Fair-trade beans; Free from toxins. Redesign your morning routine with the Magni low-acid coffee!

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