Lsushine Craft Large Ink Pad Stamps Partner DIY Color,8 Colors Rainbow Finger Ink pad for Kids (Pack of 8)

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Brand: Lsushine

Color: 8 Color


  • Applicable to paper, wood or fabric. These are excellent for many different kinds of projects. When the ink is dry, it is waterproof .
  • Include 8 colors: Various colors can let children create a great finger painting using their imagination. You can use it for other kinds of crafts as well. Use your imagination.
  • Non-toxic, each one is seperated. It can be washed easily after use. The lid is tight enough to protect the ink pad after use, all can stack up one by one, dose not occupy much space, which make it easy to use and storage
  • Super-size, each size: 7.1" x 7.1" x 0.59", Fitting your kids hands and most rubber stamp
  • 8 Color: Purple, Green, Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Orange, Red, Yellow

Details: We have learned that many people are dissatisfied with the quality of our products.From August 1, 2018.We upgraded the product. Quality upgrade, 3 major changes 1.The product is heavier because more ink has been added 2.The base container is of better quality and is made of high quality ABS plastic 3. The packaging is more perfect to prevent ink leakage during transportation 8 Colors ink pads: Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Blue, Pink, Orange, Green What is the Fingerpaint ? Kids fingerpaint: It means children may use any parts of their hands (fingers, palms, back of the hand, and palm side) to dip certain amount of paint, and create finger painting, fingerprint, graffiti and other stuff. It helps in fostering children’s ability in observation, imagination, and creation. It gives them chance to try out freely, and demonstrate infinite expressiveness. Benefits: This is a nice gift or prize for the children. There are many colors which are attractive to them. Children can choose and combine their favorite colors. The sponge of the pad has strong ink storage capacity as well as delicate texture suitable for finger painting. It is convenient for parents with many children or teachers with plenty students to play together. If you find the ink pad is relatively dry, it is suggested to add a little water in it, preferably two drops. Our ink pad is not only suitable for children's finger painting creation, the same can be used for rubber stamps. Each size: 7.1" x 7.1" x 0.59" . Super-size ink pad,Fitting most rubber stamp

Languages: English

model number: 4336989660

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