Madam Sew Needle and Pin Retriever, Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool with LED Light Extends to 32”, Picks Up Metal Sewing Notions Without Bending Over, Extendable Magnet Sweeper with 8 Lb Capacity

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Brand: Madam Sew


  • PICK UP PINS and other dropped sewing notions and jewelry making findings with this telescoping magnetic stick by Madam Sew. It collects small metal items from the floor without having to bend over.
  • 32” MAGNETIC SWEEPER can be used while sitting at your sewing machine or while standing. Protect your feet and your pets’ paws from the pain of misplaced pins and needles in carpeting or on floors.
  • BRIGHT LED LIGHT in the center of the 5/8” magnet tool head illuminates the floor so you can find dropped pins. Powered by 3 AG13 button batteries, our magnetic tool delivers hours of targeted light.
  • STURDY STAINLESS STEEL and a powerful rare Earth magnet gives our Pin and Needle Retriever an 8-pound lift capacity. The extendable magnet pickup tool is outfitted with a non-slip handle for control.
  • VERSATILE MAGNETIC STICK can also be used in the garage or on construction sites to pick up screws, nails and washers. Our pickup magnet collapses to just 7.5” for carry in a pocket or tool kit.

Details: Tread Confidently With the Madam Sew Needle and Pin Retriever, you can collect dropped objects from the floor before they pose a hazard. This extendable magnetic pickup tool telescopes out from 7.5 inches to up to 32 inches, allowing you to retrieve metal sewing notions and supplies without stooping or bending over. If your thimble, seam ripper, ruler or weeding tool rolls off the work surface, grab the Needle and Pin Retriever and let it do the work. Slim and able to lift up to 8 lbs, it can even be slipped behind or under a console for items that roll out of sight. Find Lost Sewing Accessories Our telescoping magnet tool is equipped with an ultra-bright LED light that helps reveal dropped sewing supplies in carpet fibers and in dark recesses under tables. Even if the lost findings remain unseen by you, use our pickup tool as a magnetic sweeper. Run it back and forth over the floor and allow it to attract imperceptible pins and needles to the magnet head. The Madam Sew Needle and Pin Retriever is great for collecting dropped jewelry clasps, grommets and buttons without getting up from your seat. Versatile and Portable The Needle and Pin Retrieval Magnet with handle tucks away in your sewing basket with other sewing essentials when not in use. It serves a variety of purposes all around home. Keep one in your car to retrieve keys dropped between the seat and console. Pull errant silverware out of the garbage disposal safely. Pick up bobby pins in the bathroom. It is an indispensable addition to your sewing products and crafting tools. For a craft room floor that is tidy and safe for bare feet, add the Madam Sew Needle and Pin Retriever to your sewing tools and accessories today.

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