Mandala Crafts 50 Yards 5mm Lavender Faux Suede Cord - Flat Vegan Leather Cord for Jewelry Making Beading - Leather String Cord Leather Lace for Necklace Bracelet

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Brand: Mandala Crafts

Color: Lavender


  • Micro fiber faux suede cords; Strong faux leather lacing; Colorfast leather chord suede strip feels like buckskin leather lace or real leather craft lace; Animal cruelty free craft leather strips for jewelry making; Washable lavender leather cord
  • Lavender faux suede leather string for jewelry making; Leather bracelet string jewelry cord for Kumihimo leather wrap; Faux leather cording suede strings for earrings; Leather necklace string for pendant; Faux suede lace leather for fringe
  • Faux leather laces for crafts, braiding, macrame, upholstery, wrapping, scrapbook, hanging; Faux leather suede ribbon craft cord for suede tassel, ornament, keychain, lanyard string, bookmark; Dream catcher string for DIY dream catchers supplies
  • Faux leather ribbon roll for garment; 5mm leather lace for vest, wallet, handbag, boat, leather shoe laces, hat, mask; Leather craft lace for baseball gloves; Faux leather cording suede laces are easy to tie, knot and cut; Lavender faux leather for dream catchers
  • Flat lace lacing leather suede roll; Continuous faux suede leather cord; Colored leather cord & lacing for leather crafts; 1mm thick flat leather cord; Lavender suede cord 5mm 1 8 leather lace; 50 yds faux suede flat leather rope beading leather cord

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