Marabu Blue Alcohol Ink Set - 5 Colors Set, Aqua Blue, Azure Blue, Dark Denim, Dark Blue Green, Arctic - Alcohol Ink for Epoxy Resin, Tumblers, Alcohol Ink Paper - Large 0.68 Ounce Inks

by Marabu
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Brand: Marabu


  • INFINITELY CREATIVE POSSIBILITIES - Marabu alcohol inks are fast-drying, permanent, and acid-free. Use our alcohol ink for resin ink, epoxy, alcohol ink paper, ceramics, metal, shrink plastic, vinyl, leather, glass, tumbler making supplies, and more.
  • 5 BLUE COLORS - Includes 5 x 20ml bottles, blue colors: Aqua Blue, Azure Blue, Dark Denim, Dark Blue Green, and Arctic. Check out Marabu's full alcohol ink assortment of over 70 colors, including basic, metallic, glitter, color-shift, neon, and pastel colors!
  • HIGHLY-CONCENTRATED - Marabu alcohol ink set is highly concentrated to give you more control over your work. To add some extra flair and detail when coloring, you can use a hair dryer, canned air, or blowing through a straw to move the alcohol paint around easily!
  • NARROW TIP BOTTLES - Each bottle of resin alcohol ink in our 5-color set includes a narrow tip to make filling your pens simple. Additionally, you can use the tip as a medium itself, drawing ink directly on the surface without skipping a beat.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Marabu alcohol inks are not only easy to use but also clean. You can clean spills with isopropyl alcohol. You can also use Isopropyl alcohol to spread color, if desired, though this may affect the adhesion qualities of the ink.

Details: Marabu Blue Alcohol Inks Set – 20ml Bottles About Us As a company rich in tradition with many years of production expertise, Marabu is 100% committed to quality control in each and every step of our manufacturing and distribution. We strive to meet the most up-to-date demands of the market with all of the 20,000+ items we make, which are stored under carefully monitored conditions in our modern facility. Marabu provides a complete range of colors, mediums, and tools for you to imagine creativity in all its forms. We provide creative ideas, valuable tips, starter sets, and step-by-step instructions so artists and hobbyists can be successful with any creative project. CREATIVITY IS INFINITE Looking for a versatile and permanent way to add color to your art projects? Look no further than Marabu Alcohol Inks! These fast-drying inks are perfect for a variety of surfaces, from synthetic and glossy papers to ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, vinyl, and leather. And with their precision tips, they're easy to use for detailed work or large areas. With an infinite number of colors to choose from, you can create stunning works of art that are truly one-of-a-kind. Package Includes 5 x 20ml bottles, blue colors: Aqua Blue, Azure Blue, Dark Denim, Dark Blue Green, and Arctic. So dive into your creativity and let Marabu Alcohol Inks help you bring your visions to life!

model number: 1216988059814

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