Match Strike Paper Match Striker Paper Sheets Self Adhesive 8.5x11in Sheet One

by PBL
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Brand: PBL


  • Match Striker Paper
  • Works with wooden matches
  • Self Adhesive- cut to size from 8.5inx11in sheet

Details: Self adhesive match striker paper. This is the same type of match striker paper that is on match boxes and matchbooks. This is not sandpaper. Manufactured for use as a friction match starter- this item contains phosphorous to make it easy to light a match. This is an 8.5x11in(approximate) sheet that can be cut to size and is self adhesive like a sticker. Can be cut with scissors, paper punches, die cutting machines, etc. Adheres best to smooth surfaces glass, metal, paper. This strike paper works great with safety matches and strike anywhere matches. Contain phosphorous for easy igniting of your matches. If you have any questions please fill free to contact me..

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