MATTKANE 20 Pack Acrylic Markers for Shoes Glass Paint Wood Paint Acrylic Marker 0.7mm Extra-fine Colors for Drawing DIY, Metal, Glass, Wood, Stone, Plastic, Paper, Shoes, Clothes

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Brand: Mattkane


  • 🖍 More vibrant: Acrylic Paint Markers For Shoes Glass Paint Wood Paint With the new acrylic markers paint pens, you can get vibrant colors, which last much longer than others. This permanent, water-based marker dries in a few seconds, so your design is not affected by running ink. You can draw on different surfaces, with our acrylic paint markers fine tip, so it only remains to say, it's time to draw!
  • 🖊Premium quality: acrylic markers has a super tip of 0.7mm, without strong odors, spills, with flow smooth with great coverage. That allows us to fill in those blank spaces, which with other paint pens for acrylic painting would not be possible. It is not toxic, so these acrylic paint marker pens can be used by both adults and children.
  • 📝 For many surfaces and safe: Acrylic pen a wide variety of colors that allow you to draw on surfaces like metal, glass, wood, stone, plastic, paper, shoes, clothes, and much more. In addition, you can ensure that your colors will not get dirty while you are not using it, since with the technology of this paint pen marker, you have to shake it so that the ink runs to the tip, and you can start drawing.
  • ✍🏻 Resistant with a wide variety: acrylic markers fine point paint pens are permanent, water-based with an extra-fine tip of about 0.7mm, with the best ink in vibrant colors. That meets the requirements that amateurs or design professionals may have. They are 10.3mm x 130.3mm plastic marker body with colors like: orange, yellow, cream, brown, green, turquoise, pink, red, blue, purple, gray, white, black and more!
  • 🖍 Excellent product: Our pen for painting, we make sure that they reach our customers in excellent condition, in their 133mm x 223mm box, so they will not arrive broken, dry or damaged. You will obtain a product of assured quality, that your drawings will not remain incomplete, because they last for a long time, and with the necessary care, much more so that you can consider using it every day!

Details: Description🖍 Acrylic Paint Markers For Sho More vibrant color to your lifeThe exquisite selection of 20 colors acrylic paint marker pens, help you to upgrade your work, DIY, design to a maximum, with the flow smooth you will gain perfect paint with our colors:orange, yellow, cream, brown, green, turquoise, pink, red, blue, purple, gray, white, black and more  🏆 Quality for longerAre designed to last much longer than others on the market. Thanks to its perfect grip that has its enveloping plastic body, it helps to keep the ink for much longer. Since it was created by a company dedicated to this area, you can be sure that you are obtaining a quality product. 👧Great for kidsBeing non-toxic, your children will be able to use it without problems. We know that they love to be creative, and we care about their well-being.🖊 Shake that marker!Our markers have a system of use, which will prevent spills:★Shake the marker several times to mix ink and obtain the right amount★Next, you will need to press the pen repeatedly until ink goes down and comes out★Enjoy it! You can draw on almost any surface✅ Everyone use!Our marker is not only for the little one in the house, is a set of solutions to multi-professional painting, student design, costume design, product design, building design, landscape design, general design, amateur, DIY. You name it!📝 A variety of different usage needsOur acrylic paints for painting markers pens are ready to bring color to you, in almost any place that you want to creativity go metal, glass, wood, stone, plastic, paper, clothes, and more.

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