Mommy's Bliss Organic Little Gums Soothing Massage Gel Day and Night Combo Helps with Tender Age Months + Sugar Free 2 - 0.53 Oz Tubes, mild, sweet flavor, 2 Count(Pack of 1)

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Brand: Mommy's Bliss


  • Soothing Massage Gel: Helps to soothe your baby's tender gums, even during fussier moments (two tubes included)
  • For Day or Night: Includes Day Time and Night Time gels with specific ingredients to best aid your little one. Night time version has Organic Lemon Balm and Organic Passion Flower
  • For Babies In Need: Designed for babies 2 months and up
  • Gentle Ingredients: Has a mild, sweet flavor with certified USDA organic chamomile and vanilla
  • Safe and Includes Only the Best: Massage gel tube formulas include no benzocaine, no numbing or cooling, no parabens, no belladonna, no alcohol, and are free of top 8 allergens

Details: Mommy's Bliss Little Gums Soothing Massage Gel is designed for babies 2 months and up, and it easily soothes baby's tender gums (and offers mild, sweet flavors, too). It includes two tubs; one for day time, one for night time, each with their own formulas to best help your little one. These also contain all-organic ingredients like vanilla powder, ginger extract, fennel extract, chamomile and thyme; it does not include belladonna, alcohol or parabens, benzocaine, artificial colors or flavors. (No numbing or cooling, either.) Created for moms, by moms, Mommy's Bliss was created to safely and gently bring families back to bliss.

model number: 00610601

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