Monk Fruit Liquid Sweetener Made with 100% Monk Fruit Extract and Optimized with Erythritol - 0.9 FL OZ (26.5 mL) | 2 Pack

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Brand: Natural Mate


  • MONK FRUIT: The first monk fruit liquid sweetener made with 100% monk fruit extract and optimized with erythritol.
  • TASTE: Experience the unbelievable ture monk fruit taste, the best liquid sweetener without bitter or sweet aftertaste period!
  • VALUE: 2 drops = 1 tsp of sugar, 1 Bottle = 400 tsps of sugar (or 3.5 Lbs). Compare it and see the true values.
  • USE: Perfect for drinks, cooking, baking and more, a great choice for any diet programs. It is a diabetic friendly product.
  • FEATURES: 0 calories, 0 glycemic index, 0 aftertastes. Free of alcohol and GMO materials.

Details: Thanks to Natural Mate’s Monk Fruit Liquid Sweetener, you can now enjoy a delicious sweet without guilt. Our GMO-free sweetener is made with the 100% monk fruit extract and optimized with erythritol, the same ingredient is used only in premium natural sweeteners to improve the taste profile. Even better, this concentrated Liquid Monk Fruit Sweetener contains absolutely zero calories & zero carbs! Just a few drops of this Monk Fruit sweetener can sweeten your favorite foods and drinks with a great satisfaction. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: 1) Perfect for drinks, cooking, baking and more! 2) Improved taste profile without unpleasant aftertaste. 3) GMO Free, Gluten Free, and Sugar Free. 4) 1 serving = 4 drops = 2 teaspoon sugar. 1 Bottle = approx. 200 servings = 400 teaspoon sugar (3.5 Lb). 5) 0 calories & 0 glycemic impact. VALUE: The most valuable liquid Monk Fruit sweetener for your money! A small bottle packs with 200 servings (=400 tsp of sugar sweetness) that can last for a long time. Comparison: Natural Mate Liquid Monk Fruit is more concentrated sweetener, 4-drop is equal to 2 teaspoons of sugar. Most of the marketed liquid sweetener 4-drop is set to 1 teaspoon of sugar instead. Natural Mate stands behind the products 100%. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, just contact us and we will exchange or refund your purchase.

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