Mont Marte Discovery School Acrylic, Pink, 1/2 Gallon (2 Liter). Ideal for Students and Artists. Excellent Coverage and Fast Drying. Pump Lid Included.

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Brand: Mont Marte

Color: Pink


  • Fast drying: this Pink acrylic paint dries quickly, allowing you to paint efficiently
  • Excellent coverage: the creamy texture provides excellent coverage and is suitable for small to large-scale paintings
  • Mixable: easily mixes with other colors and mediums
  • Comes with a pump for easy use
  • Clean with cold water and soap while wet

Details: Mont Marte Studio Acrylic paint is perfect for a range of art and craft projects. This fast drying Pink paint reduces waiting time and allows you to paint efficiently. Whether you’re working on a small or large surface, the thick and creamy consistency offers excellent coverage. It also mixes easily with other colors and mediums, giving you a range of possibilities for your artworks. For easy use, this paint comes with a pump that allows you to control the amount you would like to use. The generous 1/2 gallon (2 liter) size is perfect for large-scale artworks, group painting or stocking up your art supplies. Simply put the desired amount of Pink acrylic paint into a separate vessel and store the rest for your next painting session. Bring your art projects to life with Mont Marte Studio Acrylic. Includes 1 bottle of Pink acrylic paint (1/2 gallon/2 liter)Pump lid

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