Mont Marte Premium Pouring Acrylic Paint, 1L (33.8oz), Cerulean Blue, Pre-Mixed Acrylic Paint, Suitable for a Variety of Surfaces Including Stretched Canvas, Wood, MDF and Air Drying Clay.

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Color: Cerulean Blue


  • Ideal for pouring art
  • Ideal for pouring art
  • Pre-mixed and ready to pour
  • Smooth flow with stunning results
  • Can be mixed with silicone oil to create cells
  • Available in a range of colours

Details: Create stunning artworks with Mont Marte Premium Pouring Acrylic Paint. It’s pre-mixed and ready to pour, so all you need to do is choose your colours and get started! Whether you want to try pouring art for the first time or you need to top up your supplies, you’ll love the way this paint flows. It comes in a range of colours that are the perfect consistency for creating pour paintings. So choose your colours and bring your masterpiece to life! Handy hints: Add extra silicone oil to create cells. Good ventilation recommended. Mix additional pouring medium with your paints to increase flow. Note: Paint separation may occur due to pre-mixing. Always SHAKE WELL before use.

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