NURI Portuguese Sardines in Spiced Tomato Sauce - 4 Pack - (4.4 oz cans)

by Nuri
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Brand: Nuri


  • Included: 4 cans of NURI Portuguese Sardines Spiced in Tomato Sauce and Olive Oil (4.4 oz/can)
  • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: sardines, olive oil, and salt and other natural ingredients. WILD CAUGHT – fresh from the sea taste. No preservatives or additives. Tinned in pure olive oil to complement the perfectly retained natural flavor.
  • HANDCRAFTED: from the purchase of the best fish, the selection of the freshest ingredients, a unique method of vapor pre-cooking and a careful manual preparation process. Each can is wrapped by hand with the original vintage design and only the best ingredients. Limited exclusive and selected production per year.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY SINCE 1920: A fully Artisanal Method from Conservas Pinhais & Cia, since 1920 that has been perfected through time make products of impeccable quality. With a firm and plump texture, moist from the olive oil NURI sardines are a cut above any other canned sardines.
  • A FOOD RICH in proteins, vitamins, Omega 3 and fatty acids. Low in fat. GLUTEN-FREE. NON-GMO.

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