Nutrient Survival Powdered Vitamin Milk | Non-perishable #10 Can | 25 Year Shelf Life | Emergency Food Supply

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Brand: Nutrient Survival


  • DELICIOUS TASTE - Enjoy this creamy non-fat milk warm or cold, made with real ingredients and the best nutrition anywhere. Hands down the best tasting instant milk you can buy
  • SPECIAL OPS GRADE NUTRITION - Designed to the nutritional standards of the US military*, but intended for people like us. Protein plus 14 essential vitamins and 7 essential minerals including biotin, folate and riboflavin, calcium, phosphorus and selenium
  • 25-YEAR SHELF LIFE - Taste guaranteed. Great for emergency food storage
  • QUICK EASY PREP - Just add water. Equivalent to 60-cups of milk per can
  • MADE IN THE USA - Hand-crafted in small batches with real ingredients, right here in the USA

Details: Exceptional people deserve exceptional nutrition - in every situation. Nutrient Survival Vitamin Milk is optimized for those who refuse to simply survive. Backed by a decade of scientific research and development, our patent-pending drinks fuel people who strive to become exceptional. Be prepared with these revolutionary emergency meals packed with essential nutrients your body needs to heal, defend and perform. Each serving gives you at least 20% of the recommended daily value of 13 vitamins including biotin, folate and riboflavin and 6g of protein. These critical nutrients ignite the body’s natural power, working together to help boost immunity, fight inflammation, build muscle, sustain energy, reduce stress and sharpen mental focus. With great taste, effortless preparation, and a 25-year shelf life, Vitamin Milk has revolutionized survival food from a last resort to a first line of defense. Whether consumed daily or stored for the next emergency, our milk is more than just exceptional nutrition; it is freedom from the status quo, and peace-of-mind in today’s world. Vitamin Milk is crafted in small batches with real milk. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives (no nitrate, propionate and sorbate). Soy free. Made in the USA. 60 servings per #10 can delivers a shelf life of up to 25 years. Just add water for nutritious, great-tasting milk ready in seconds. Store these in your pantry for an emergency, pack some for your next camping trip or prepare these daily for a nutrient dense, mess-free meal.

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