Oganic Chemistry Stencil Drawing MoleculeTemplate

by Kenemak
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Brand: Kenemak

Color: light green


  • WELL FLESHED OUT: It is the stencil that contains the greatest number of pertinent elements facilitating the fast drawing of the various modes of representation of organic compounds.
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Its amazing flexibility allows a solid grip leading quickly to aesthetic, clear and precise results. The fineness of the grooves also contributes greatly to this.
  • STRUCTURED: All elements have been numbered and grouped by type of structure to promote learning, mastery of writing conventions and understanding of this fascinating science that requires a good spatial vision of molecules and reaction mechanisms.
  • USEFULNESS: This tool is useful from the first courses in organic chemistry up to the various technical and academic levels of the natural and health sciences. Students appreciate its ease of use and the quality of the results obtained
  • MODERN: It is a tool manufactured by precise modern techniques. It consists of a thin sheet of Mylar, 8.86 x 7.48 x 0.010 inches, flexible, resistant, durable, semi-transparent and, this is increasingly important, it is also recyclable!
  • IUPAC: It has been improved over time by taking into account customer feedback, but also in an ongoing effort to move closer to the latest IUPAC standards (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry)

Details: The stencil allows the study of the various educational aspects listed below: 1- Bond-line structures of small cycles, straight and branched carbon chain with single, double and triple bonds 2- Geometric isomerism of carbon-carbon double bond and small cycles . Cis - Trans and E / Z notation 3- Newman projections of staggered & eclipsed conformers and optical isomers 4- Sawhorse structures (conformers and optical isomers) 5- Cram representation, 3D structure, and R/S configuration 7- Fischer projections of glucose isomers, oses reactions and amino acids 8- Haworth formula, representation of uranoses and pyranoses

model number: PCOE-B14

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