Olive, Teal & Green Tie Dye Colors in Fancy Plants Greens Tie Dye Kit (Tye Dye for Kids) - Clothing Dye with 6 Refills for Summer Fun - Tie Dye Party Supplies with Free Tie Dye Guide DIY

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Color: Green


  • Everything You Need - Tyedyedye Kit includes 3 bottles of custom clothing dye with refill packs (2 per color) totaling 9 bottles, 3 bags of soda ash for pre-soaking items, disposable gloves, 30 ties and easy-to-use technique guide.
  • From Blank, To Swank Techniques - Create tie dye fashion with monochromatic technique, two-tone dyeing, and multiple colors. Use the tie dye folding techniques guide to create patterns like Sic Stripes-Bruh, Spill the Tea Spirals, The Crumple-stiltskin and Ombre All Day.
  • Custom Fabric Dye - The on-trend colors are perfect for a monochromatic technique, two-tone dyeing, or multiple colors. Our quality clothing dye is non-toxic and machine wash safe. Try all of our Earth and Sea color palettes – designed to mix and match!
  • More Than T-shirts - Use refills for multiple projects like monochromatic joggers, crop top hoodies, jumpsuits, denim, tights, shoes, and DIY tie dye face mask. Upcycle used clothes or boring cloth items into something new and exciting with tie dye colors.
  • Tie Dye Kit Happiness - If anything is not right with your tie dye set, you can contact us and we’ll be happy to find a solution.

Details: This is the tie dye kit for fashionistas! Customize fashion like hoodies, crop-tops, and jeans with trend collection colors. Each kit has 3 easy-squeeze bottles (120ml) of dye plus 6 refill packs (2 per color) for tie dying multiple projects. You can mix & match tie dye techniques, colors, and patterns. Also get soda ash (90g), 6 gloves, and 30 ties. Question: What tie dye colors look good together? Answer: Our Mono Tie Dye Kits are designed with color trends in mind. The color stories are put together to compliment each other. Question: Are tie dye face masks safe? Answer: All our dyes are non-toxic and fumeless so they’re entirely safe for tie dying face masks. Question: Will tie dye stain my washing machine? Answer: After allowing your dyed materials to sit for 12-hours, rinse them with cold water until the water runs clear. At that point, your dyed clothes are machine wash safe. Question: Can tie dye be washed together? Answer: Yes, after thoroughly rinsing tie dyed clothing, it is machine wash safe. You can wash with like clothes or other tie dyed clothing. Question: Will tie dye stick to polyester clothes? Answer: Natural fiber clothing is best for tie dye. It picks up the brightest and boldest color. Synthetic fibers do not absorb dyes well. Question: Can tie dye be left overnight? Answer: Yes! We recommended letting the dye soak into the clothing for between 12 hours - 24 hours. Question: Can you tie dye without soda ash? Answer: We provide soda ash with each tie dye kits because it preps the clothing material for the dye. Without soda ash, the dye won’t bond with clothing material. Question: How do I create a tie dye pattern? Answer: The tie dye folding technique guide in each kit provides detailed instructions, with photos, on how to create four different tie dye patterns.

model number: DD-046

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