Polymer Clay Kits 72Colors Sculpting Molding Clay DIY Modeling Clay Oven Baking Clay Kits 19 Sculpting Tools and 12 Kinds of Accessories Non-Toxic and Non-Stick Handmade Craft Gift for Children…

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Brand: Aestd-ST

Color: 72 Colors


  • [72 Color Polymer Clay Kits] Composed of 72 pieces of bright and colorful polymer clay, Each Block Weight 30g(1.06oz), 19 Sculpting tools , 1* user manual, 1* gem silicone mold, 1* starfish silicone mold, 10* bells, 8*beads, 1*hairpin, 2*ring holder, 1*key ring, 48*9-shape needles, 16*mobile phone chain, 6*Earhook, 1 Slicker, 3-layer storage box, weighing 5.5 pounds ( 2.5KG), suitable for beginners to create and use.
  • [Safety material] Polymer clay is made of PVC, non-toxic, non-sticky, free of allergens, such as wheat, nuts or peanuts, etc. Strictly Complies with the ASTM D-4236/CE (EN71) standards and requirements, and is suitable for children and adults All safe
  • [Unlimited creativity] Sculpting clay can be used to create as you wish. You can make gems, marine creatures, animal models, small crafts, etc. according to accessories. Soft clay allows children to experience a rich visual sense, stimulate children's creative thinking, and cultivate children's artistic quality , The perfect holiday gift, the favorite of DIY creatives.
  • [Molding method] oven baked clay is easy to use(set the oven at 130°C (266°F) and bake for 15-30 minutes-recommended), hair dryer heating (suitable for small workpieces of 1-2 inches), boiling method Try it on a small workpiece size of 1/3 inch (refer to the instruction manual).
  • [Warm Tips] polymer clay needs to be kneaded repeatedly before you use it to become soft. It can be softened by kneading with a stick or palm. If you have any quality problems with your clay, please contact us through Amazon, We Will Offer You a Satisfied Solution. Note that it is forbidden for children under 3 years old to use it. It is recommended for children 3 years old and above to use it. Young children should play under the supervision of adults to avoid accidental ingestion.

Details: 1.soft clay Creation can develop children's intelligence, develop their perception, observation and creativity, and improve children's hands-on ability. 2.Clay is an Elves, with the characteristics of indeterminate shape. Under the children's arbitrary kneading, it will become a unique piece of work. And the richer the children's imagination, the more childlike beauty the kneaded works will be. polymer clay Sculpting kit includes: ❉ 72 pieces of colored polymer sculpting clay ❉ 3-layer portable plastic storage box ❉ 19 Sculpting Clay Tools ❉ 1 gem silicone mold ❉1 starfish silicone mold ❉ 1 user manual ❉ Many accessories Curing method: 1.Oven bake (Recommend) ❉Place onto a foil sheet or ceramic file and into the center of a household oven, pre-heated to 120°-130°(248-266℉)for 15 minutes. ❉Oven bake at 130C for 15-30minutes.Baking time may vary according to claythickness and as a general rule allow 15 minutes per 1/4 inch(6mm)thickness. ❉Do not exceed the recommended baking time!Baking should be completed by an adult.Carefully move from the oven after baking and natural cooling. 2.Hair Blower Heating(Suitable small works size in 1-2 inch) ❉Put the works into the paper box,and blow it for 3-5 minutes to become harden. 3.Boil Method(Suitable small works size in 1/3 inch) ❉Put the work on aplate and in the cold water and until the water boiling,keep boiling for 10-20 minutes. Take out after water becomes cool. ❉Best use purified water,to avoiding Calcium carbonate adhere to the works. Safety Guidelines: ❉CHOKING HAZARD-DO NOT allow children under 3 to use products since small parts can be a chocking hazard,Please use under the direct supervision of an adult ❉While working with raw polymer clay,take care not to rub your eyes.Wash your hands frequently and especially before eating.

model number: L7201

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