Prefleur Preserved Pole Moss Pillow Bun Cushion Natural Green Decorative Real Natural Green DIY Kit Terrariums Gardenning Art Wall Decor Florist Decor Easter Table Decor Wedding(1.5 sq.ft, Green-A)

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Brand: prefleur

Color: Green-A


  • What we have on Amazon is the maintenance-free preserved moss which is made with real, fresh moss. Preserved moss will keep green for many years without any maintenance or water use at all.
  • Real moss and ferns, harvested from forest, are preserved using non-toxic food-grade ingredients. Since they are preserved, the moss do not wilt, do not require water, nor do they put out pollen or spores. The result is an ever-green artwork -- a "plant painting" -- that looks stunning and requires no maintenance whatsoever.
  • Care instructions: The most important thing for caring is that please do not water it. The moss is dyed and if you water it, it will lose the green color. Secondly, please keep it away from the direct sunlight. After the long time exposure to the direct sunlight, it may shade slightly. It's best to be used for the indoor decoration and you do not need to care for it. You need the glue to adhere it.
  • Care instructions: What we sell is the preserved moss. It's not the fresh moss. It's the "died" moss which we redyed it with other solutions to make it feel soft. So you don't need to water it or "plant" it with soil. It's just the decoratoin moss which will be green forever. You don't need a lid overtop. Actually people usually use the preserved moss with glue.
  • Care instructions: You can glue it anywhere you need it to be. Some of our customers glue it on the stone as a piece of decoration. We suggest customers use the hot glue and glue gun. Please be attention, you cannot water it as it will lose the color if watered.

Details: Preserved Natural PillowBunCushion Moss Bring some of Earth s natural mosses into your arrangement with our pillow moss. Pillow moss is great for covering the foundation of your arrangements, as bowl filler, and arts and craft projects. The quality of our pillow moss is sure to speak for itself. Try some of our pillow moss today and you won t be disappointed. Product, Pillow Moss Green A, Seaweed Green Green B, Chartreuse Green(Best seller, the pictures in review are this color) Green C, Emerald Green Green D, Chartreuse Yellow We sell the moss in box, and one box contains 0.44lb moss. Sizeof the box, 14.96 x7.28 (inch). There s two layers of moss in one box. One layer covers the area of 0.75 sq.ft. So totally it s approximate 1.5 sq.ft. for one box. The price is for one box moss. The size of the box is like what we take in the picture. If you order bulk qualities like more than 5 boxes, we provide a additional discount. We also have the economic pack for 5lb, 10lb etc. Let me know how much you like to buy. Thanks. Nowadays,peoplearegettingmore and more isolated from the natural worldand the desire to maintain a connection with nature gets stronger. It s a goodway to bring nature indoors with this beautiful moss wall art vertical garden. This moss wall decor gives you all the benefits of a plant wall hanging but without thelaborious maintenance. Created with real preserved and long lasting moss plants, this botanical wall art will enliven any living space as nothing uplifts a home like beautiful greenery. Preserved to look realistic, only you will know it is not actually living. Whatever your style of interior design, the moss wall hanging will fit in and make a stunning focal point.

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