Premium Whiskey Stones Gift Set with 12 Pcs Stones and Bag. Whiskey, Bourbon, Cognac, Scotch,Gin, Wine Beverage. Marble Reusable Ice Cubes. Birthday Gift for Whiskey Lovers.… (Dark Grey)

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Brand: Hediyesepeti

Color: Dark Gray


  • ✔ NATURAL: The Toros Black marble belonging to the Mesopotamian region, the center of the first civilizations, creates elegant accessories with an elegant look and unique texture. Taurus black whiskey stone, which has witnessed Anatolia's magnificent history, is carefully selected extracted from big pieces into 12 unique pieces. These whisky stones, which have witnessed splendid history, will provide you with a very stylish accessory for your barware and a very pleasant whisky drink.
  • ✔ NO DILUTION & ORIGINAL TASTE: Keeps your Beverage without Water Dilution The whisky stone will be the right choice for those who want to drink whiskey cooler slightly below room temperature and drink the original taste without diluting the whisky. You can use these rocks with not only whiskey but also gin,wine,vodka even water!
  • ✔WHY USE GRANITE WHISKY STONES?: The whiskey stones provide the optimum temperature for you to enjoy the unique aroma of your whiskey! A glass of whiskey of 21.6°C/70.88°F can decrease to 17.3°C/63.14°F with 2 whiskey stones and they provide to stabilize optimum degree for consuming your whiskey for approximately 40-50 minutes.Your bourbon will have a certain character and complex notes at the exact temperature without freezing the ingredients of your drinks.
  • ✔EASY TO READY & KEEP : Will be ready to use in 3 hours waiting at deep freeze. Cool Pouch is a great bourbon gifts for men to keep stones while freezing and keeping. This is a great alternative for the whisky gifts for men. Freeze - Use - Wash - Freeze - Use - Wash - Freeze - Use - Wash!
  • ✔ NO MATTER YOUR GENDER OR YOUR AGE! YOU WILL DEFINETELY LOVE IT! - As a gift these high quality Whisky rock ice cubes / stones / whisky stone marble are an ideal option for your dad,boyfriend husband, fiance, friends, grandpa etc. Give them our chilling stones gift set with special storage bag as a special gift set that is easy to use, and most importantly unforgettable! - Or just satisfy yourself! - A FEW GREAT GIFT IDEAS: Christmas, Father´s Day, Birthday, Valentines Day, Retirement Gifts

Details: %100 Money Back Guaranteed Top Quality Whiskey Stones. ✔ Great for Whiskey lovers to get rid of dilution which is a problem for fine distilled spirits. Chilling Rocks or chilling cubes are also common name for whisky stones. ✔ The one who has a great taste of whiskey and likes to pamper oneself ✔ As gift for husband, brother or workfellows for birthday, father's day, graduation or anniversary. How To Use: Be sure to rinse before using. Then wait approximately 3 hours in the fridge. When ready, add two or three reusable ice cubes in a glass. Wait a few minutes to properly chill your beverage. After use, rinse again and continue to keep in the freezer with classy pouch. Cooling ability: The whiskey stones can reduce the whiskey to 4 degrees from the room temperature which is 21,6 degrees. However, Ice can reduce the temperature of the same whiskey to 13-14 degrees. This may vary depending on the amount of ice you have and the size of the ice. If the coolness is more important than the original taste of the whiskey for you, ice will be a better choice. However, for drink the original taste of whiskey, cooling cubes are the ideal choice for a cool and pleasant drink. Original taste: It's true that ice is more successful in cooling, but it has also problems. The ice that you put in your glass starts to melt soon afterward and dilutes the whisky. It affects your whiskey in 2 way. First, the rate of alcohol in whiskey drops with the melting ice. Then, perhaps most importantly, changing the character of the whiskey. As you know, whiskey is produced by passing through a complex process. After that, it gains its own character. Ice will cool the whiskey in suddenly. This may cause to lose the character of the whiskey. On the other hand, whisky stones won’t dilutes your whiskey and protect its own character to provide the enjoyable cool drink.

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