Prince of Peace Ginger Coconut Instant Beverage, 22 Sachets – Instant Hot or Cold Beverage that Soothes Throat – Easy to Brew – Caffeine and Gluten Free – Real Coconut and Fresh Ginger – Rich and Creamy

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Brand: Prince Of Peace


  • Tropical Ginger Coconut Beverage – Tasty, sweet, and oh-so-delicious our drink mix packets let you whip up a single-serve ginger coconut drink that not only tastes amazing but is packed with calcium, potassium, and natural vitamins and minerals.
  • Easy Instant Drink Mix Packets – Every bag of our powder drink mix comes with 22 individual sachets perfect for making your very own ginger coconut beverage. This makes it quick and easy to enjoy on summer nights or all year-long.
  • Enjoy Cold, Cool, Warm, or Hot – One of the most exciting aspects of our drink mix powder is that it dissolves quickly and easily into water, so you can create custom smoothies, shakes, hot ginger and coconut teas, and much more.
  • Naturally Energizing Experience – This is a caffeine-free coconut ginger drink mix which means it gives you a soothing, restorative energy boost without the crash that comes with coffee, energy drinks, or other caffeine-filled drinks.
  • Where Purity Meets Deliciousness – We want our drink mixes for water to dissolve quickly and be better for kids, teens, and people of all ages which is why they’re gluten free, caffeine, free, and contain no preservatives or artificial colorings.

Details: Enjoy a Taste of the Tropics with a Pure Ginger Coconut Instant Beverage Drink Mix from Prince of Peace If you’re tired of boring old water and you really want to kick your tastebuds into high gear, nothing beats the fresh, delicious taste of our Prince of Peace Ginger Coconut Instant Beverage. This fast-dissolving powder drink mix lets you create a hot cup of tea or ice-cold beverage that reenergizes and tastes amazing from the first drop to the last. An exciting drink option over water, teas, or even coffee our caffeine-free ginger coconut drink mix is sure to become a go-to favorite for anyone who loves great-tasting homemade drinks; especially those that help you feel like you’re escaping to the tropics! Product Details: Ginger Coconut Drink Mix Caffeine Free Instant Beverage Enjoy Hot or Cold Non-GMO and Gluten Free No Preservatives or Artificial Coloring Includes 22 Individual Sachets Warm Up or Stay Cool There’s nothing quite like the taste of a ginger coconut instant beverage blend. And because you can enjoy it as a hot tea to warm up in the winter months, or as an ice-cold drink when summer is at it’s peak, you’ll love trying it in different ways all year-round. Smooth Taste, Fresh Aroma These are natural ingredients and real ginger and coconut extracts which means it boasts a smooth flavor that isn’t overpowering and a fresh aroma that helps wake you up and get you going. Perfect for early mornings, late nights, and all the time in between.

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