Roastesso Coffee, Gourmet Cubanito, Nespresso Compatible Capsules for OriginalLine Machines, Dark Roast Espresso Ristretto Pods, Intensity 9, Single Serve Cafecito De Cuba (40 Count)

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Brand: Roastesso


  • ☕ ORIGINAL TASTE | Gourmet Cubanito it’s a dark roast coffee blend with a smooth body, sweet & chocolaty. Brew as Ristretto and Espresso. Our cuban Nespresso capsules have low acidity and bitterness qualities.
  • ☕ AROMATIC PROFILE | Gourmet Cubanito exhibits a clean, delicate flavor with a rich body. It stands out among other coffees due to its complex flavor profile and a long aftertaste. Our Cuban espresso blend has a medium to full body, exceptional taste when paired with milk for a cortadito.
  • ☕ ORIGIN AND ROASTING | 100% Arabica coffee handcrafted blend from Africa and South America. Each bean is roasted individually to the beginning of dark temperatures keeping it's aromatic profile while developing a flavorful dark and premium taste.
  • ☕ ROASTED & PACKED IN USA | Our Nespresso capsules and pods are made with love by our family-owned business to preserve aromas, deliver an intense experience and an original flavor cup of coffee.
  • ✅ FOR NESPRESSO ORIGINAL LINE MACHINES | 100% compatible with Nespresso machine models like Breville, Delonghi, Inissia, Essenza Mini, Pixie, CitiZ, Prodigio, Expert, Lattissima Plus, KitchenAid, Maestria, Creatista.

Details: ALWAYS FRESH ROASTED COFFEE TO ORDER  Are you tired of trying alternative to Nespresso capsules that have no taste, aroma, or crema? This is because their coffee have been sitting for months in warehouses. Our coffee is daily roasted for all of our customers, we make sure you receive coffee that really tastes like coffee, strong, oily, nutty rich in its unique flavors.  ORDERING OUR COFFEE PODS Our pods have a smooth and strong taste that will remind you with every sip of coffee of the island. The aroma and texture that you will find inside this capsule is like no other out there. You will enjoy an exquisite coffee with superp aroma and extra rich flavor. The Gourmet Cubanito coffee beans are grown in selected farms in Africa and South America, blended and roasted according to the most modern processes and immediately packed so that our customers drink a cup of coffee that meets all of their expectations and are absolutely satisfied. TASTE AND AROMA!  Each capsules presents a strong flavor, smooth body perfectly matches its final acidity, with sweet and chocolaty notes. Gourmet Cubanito Cuban coffee pods encloses the exact amount of coffee to enjoy a delicious Cuban espresso, so that in a simpler way you can appreciate a delightful coffee. Why you think the call it the perfect shot?  DELICIOUS AS RISTRETTO AND ESPRESSO'S  We recommend you to try the Gourmet Cubanito in 25ml ristretto for a great Cuban espresso shot. For the best coffee taste experience, use filtered water, store your bag in a cool, dry place.

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