Round and Strips Gass Cutter, Professional Adjustable Hand Operated Glass Cutting Tool for Both Hobbyists and Professional

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Brand: ViaGasaFamido


  • 【3-POINT BASE STABILITY】The round knife has a 3-point base, allowing it to maintain its position even on rough textured art glass. It can draw a circle between 8 cm and 60 cm in diameter.
  • 【EASY TO USE & WORK ACCURATELY】This glass circle cutter tool will not only save you a lot of time but every thing will be perfectly accurate.The circular cutting head at the end of the t-bar is equipped with three high-quality carbide wheels, which can cut 2-8mm thickness
  • 【CIRCLE GLASS CUTTING】You can cut a circle on the glass with the circle center part. Simply loosen the screw off and down, You can get the glass of the shape you want.
  • 【STRAIGHT GLASS CUTTING】The belt is used to cut 3 cm to 30 cm wide belts, saving tedious cutting time. Most importantly, all your works will be exactly the same size.With the straight bar, you can cut glass in straight, just as T Type Glass Cutter.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS】The height gauge is made of high quality material, it has high performance, high hardness, wear resistance, strong and has long serving life.

Details: Specification: Item Type: Glass cutter How to Cut Strips: 1. Simply nail a standard board to your workbench. 2. Place the edge of the glass against the board. 3. Slide the strip base onto the t-bar and use the scale starting at 1-2-3-4 to set the size of the strip you want to cut. Tighten the screws so that the base does not move. 4. When you apply continuous pressure while sliding the cutting wheel on the glass, the strip base moves over the edge of the board. How to Cut the Circle: 1. Place the glass to be cut on the workbench. 2. Slide the round cutter seat on the t-bar. Use the scale starting with 6-8-10-12. Set the size circle you want to cut. Tighten the screws so that the base does not move. 3. Place the round cutter base on the glass to be cut. 4. Hold the pressure button in the center of the circular holder with your thumb to secure the holder in place. At the same time, a continuous pressure is applied while rotating the t-cut wheel on the glass. Details to Such Cutting System: 30CM T-Bar: There are two scales on the T-bar. One reads the width of the strip to be scored with the strip base. And this scale begins with 1-2-3-4.While the other scale reads the diameter of the circle to be scored with the circle cutter base. And this scale begins with 6-8-10-12. Strip Cutter Base: The strip is used to cut strips from 3cm to 30cm in width, saving your hours of tedious cutting. Circle Cutter Base: The circle cutter has a 3 point base so that it holds its position, even on rough textured art glass. Package List: 1Set x Cutting Tool

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